Notes About My Father

The work Notes about my father appeared to be the starting point of my artistic practice. My father and I visited ruins of the mining where he used to work until it was closed. I took photos of our walk with my father’s old film camera. Also, I watched videos since the days my father was a student. All this material was included in a collage. I do not want to represent biographical or historical facts making this collage. Much more important was to create the image of a man left alone with the space beyond historical process.
Exhibition on Elektrozavod
Elektrozavod gallery

This installation describes a conflict between my father, Robert Smithson and me. It contains of my attempts to imitate Smithson works and fragments of Notes about my father where you can see videos of my father working as an intern in a coal mines. Smithson converted land works into art, but what my father did during his internship can also be considered as land art. «It is just one step away from your side» — it a quote from the song and a question I asked myself. Which side is one step away from?