Dima Filippov is a contemporary Russian artist and curator. He was born in Gornyak, Altai region, in 1989. Dima studied at the Altai State Academy of Arts and Culture. Then graduated from the Institute of Contemporary art, Moscow, in 2012.
From 2012 Dima is a co-organizer and curator of the Elektrozavod gallery in Moscow. The goal of the gallery is to provide a space and opportunity for young artists to show their works to general audience. From 2017 Dima is a co-creator of the project Expedition which is a long-term research platform that aims to explore different Russian regions with difficult past like border areas. Now Dima is focused on field works and artistic research of the border areas of Russia making exhibitions in places that are not considered as spaces of art like fields, abandoned territories or former factories. At the same time, Dima works as a curator in Elektrozavod gallery as well as in other spaces.

On the one hand, Dima Filippov’s works reproduces the new trend of «sustainable» art. In the mode of constant involvement, the artist reflects on the current situation, turns to the «small» memory of a particular person and to a collective artistic experience. Thus, it presents the essence of the credo of the artist, who explores alternative exhibition spaces and organizes individual and collective curatorial projects. On the other hand, this works belongs to the international trend of reinterpretation of the history of modern art. Dima «rereads» anew the story of deterritorialization of art, incorporates personal memory in the digested space by initiating dialogues across time and space. He plastically modifies the conceptual practices, shifts the emphasis to the «tactility» and «sonority» of the landscape, compares the personal and universal in the coordinates of place and time, and enters a complex of new relationships and artistic practices into the field of contemporary Russian art.

Natalia Smolianskaya

Selected exhibitions

Personal exhibitions and projects:
2024 Brink, Art4 Gallery, Cromwell Place, London, UK
2023 Krai, Art4 Museum, Moscow, Russia
2020 When We First Met, Elektrozavod Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2020 Looking for an Elephant, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia
2017 Cursed Days, Elektrozavod Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2015 Arrowheads, 39 Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2015 Broken Heroes, Istra, Russia
2015 Echo of Something Beautiful, Elektrozavod Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2013 Exhibition on Elektrozavod, Perimetr Experimental Space, Moscow, Russia
2010 The Thread Project, Barnaul Museum, Barnaul, Russia
2008 Sketches, Mir Cinema Center, Barnaul, Russia
2007 52, Historical Museum, Zmeinogorsk, Russia

Group shows:
2023 Light, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2023 Sympathetic Interactions, Museum and Exhibition Center, Ivanovo, Russia
2023 Focus. Graphics, Myth Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2023 Post-Soviet Hauntologies, Youth Center for Contemporary Art, Ulyanovsk, Russia
2023 No Man’s Land, Art.ru Agency, Moscow, Russia
2022 Passengers. Dialogues About Landscape, Royal Tower Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2022 Сonfidence, Shiryaev Biennale, Shiryaevo, Russia
2022 Thinking Landscape, Museum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia
2022 White Album, Elektrozavod Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2021 Beacons of Hope, Ivangorod Fortress, Ivangorod, Russia
2021 Coordinate System, Kengisepsky Reserve, Russia
2021 Obvious Movements, Cultural Center Gromov, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2020 Cha Scha. Exhibition in the Woods, Pirogovo, Russia
2019 Smoke and Chocolate, CCI Fabrika, Russia
2019 Polychronicity. Practice of Studies in the Temporal Modes of Contemporaneity. Part One: Topos of Time, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia
2019 Taiwan Annual, Contemporary Art Exhibition​, Taipei, Taiwan
2019 Nyomotokban / In Your Trace: Inspiration Forces in Russian and Hungarian Contemporary Art, Budapest ArtWeek, Mikve Gallery, Budapest
2019 Dialogue, Bashmet Center, Moscow, Russia
2017 Survival Kit, Cultural Transit Foundation, Ekaterinburg, Russia, Space Debris Art, Istanbul, Turkey
2017 Structures. Fractals, Kultproekt Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2017 Expedition 17, part 1,2,3, Elektrozavod Gallery, Moscow, Altay region, Russia
2016 Psycho, CCI Fabrika, Moscow, Russia
2016 Arctic Art Forum, Gostiny Dvor, Arkhangelsk, Russia
2016 Unofficial Language, Winzavod CCA, Moscow, Russia
2016 Program Exhibition, with Nikolay Onishchenko, Vertical Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2016 Air, with Nikolay Onishchenko, Kultproekt Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2016 We Are Instructed With Internal Regima, XL Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2016 Places, Elektrozavod Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2016 Land, with Nikolay Onishchenko, Smirnov and Sorokin Foundation, Moscow, Russia
2015 The Exhibition Runs: Dima Filippov, Ivan Egelsky, Elektrozavod Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2015 Bona Vivo, All-Russian Museum of Decorative and Applied Art, Moscow, Russia
2015 Metageography, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2015 Everything Happening, Milutinsky lane, 20/2, Moscow, Russia
2015 No Time, Winzavod CCA, Moscow, Russia
2015 Nothing Passes, 39 gallery, Moscow, Russia
2015 Nothing Will Grow Together Because Nothing Belongs Together, Naval Base Olavsvern, Tromsø, Norway
2015 Monitoring of Open Space, Divnogorie, Voronezh Region, Russia
2015 Untitled, Wasteland on the Outskirts of Moscow, Russia
2014 Impossible Landscape, with Nikolay Onishchenko, Voronezh Center for Contemporary Art, Voronezh, Russia
2014 Here, the other side, APT Gallery, London, England
2014 Supposing in Divnogorie, Voronezh Region, Russia
2014 Garage Project Space: The Other Side, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia
2013 Where Viewable, Moskvich Cultural Center, Moscow, Russia
2013 Geography and Art. The Boarders of Counterinfluence, National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia
2013 Past imperfect, Todays Art Festival, Hague, Netherlands
2013 Cloud, a Special Project of the 5th Moscow Biennale, CCI Fabrika, Moscow, Russia
2013 Industrial Practice, Cherepovets Museum of Art, Cherepovets, Russia
2013 Minimal Alienation, Perimeter Experimental Space, Moscow, Russia
2013 Kod Epohi (Zeitgeist), The All-Russian Museum of Applied and Folk Art, Moscow, Russia
2013 Mapping In Visual Art, National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia
2012 P.S How It’s Done, Special Project of the 2nd Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art, Ekaterinburg, Russia
2012 Counterillusions, ZIL CC, Special Project of the 3rd Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Moscow, Russia
2011 Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture, Winzavod CCA, Moscow, Russia
2009 Stchi, Contemporary Art Festival, Aja lake, Altai territory, Russia
2009 135, Open Sky Gallery, Barnaul, Russia